Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A life in ribbons...

   Tonight as she lay sleeping I sorted through my daughter's hair ribbons.She starts school tomorrow. There were a lot of ribbons and I was looking for just the right one for her first day. One of them was mine from when I was small. I held it and remembered my mother teaching my how to roll it up and stick a straight pin in it to hold it in place. I would be so careful when trying to pick one out of my own basket but somehow always managed to prick a finger. My method now is far more crude. Then I came across the small bow that had been her first; the one the nurse had stuck on her head with KY Jelly when she was only a few hours old! Gross! I'm sorry but you should not encounter KY Jelly until you are much older!
   Slowly, as I looked at all those ribbons lying there on the floor, her life began to unfurl; a pink satin ribbon I'd bought to match an Easter dress, stripped grosgrain from a mermaid birthday costume, rich brown ones that had been lovingly tied onto birthday gifts from dear friends (you just have to love a real ribbon on a gift!), remnants of bows we had attached to friend's baby shower invites and some thin champagne colored stuff from bouquets... as they curled around me I realized I was seeing my daughter's life in ribbons. And what a beautiful life it has been.
  Tomorrow we will send her off to begin a new loop in that life. I wonder what colors and textures it will hold. Will this new experience be wound tightly around her? Will it be wide and flowing? I can only hope that we will all look back on  with as much fondness as that which has already passed. And yes, I did choose RED ribbons for tomorrow! "When in doubt, wear red!" (Bill Blass)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thwarted plans...

Oh the plans that we make for a summer
submersion, breathing, swinging...
How quickly it can change!

the wailing you never expect to hear
your child's body broken crying from the soul
wanting to be the one hurt instead

the expectations of the worst
the pushing to make normalcy out of a catastrophe

then in the agony of healing
beyond the unexpected

the realization

the disbelief
what have we done?
is there anything to show for this beyond pale facades?
healed bones? tightly knitted bonds?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To market, to market to buy...

pints, and quarts and gallons of them
many stained fingers and lips
time with granna
and a mermaid balloon

Friday, May 21, 2010

my guy

you just have to love a boy in cowboy boots!
(yes, I did make him put on his "underwears" before I took this shot)
this stage where they live in their costumes is one of my favorites
look at that face. he believes that he is tough
"Mom, I am not Henry. I am a guy!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

if you met her face to face you would never think that she is shy
everything she does is very emphatic and full of charisma
there is never any mystery to what goes on with Bea
for instance, today she came to me with a radiant look on her face
"God just talked to me!" she exclaimed
"really? what did he say?"
"my nose itched so I scratched it..
and then God told me to remember, 'don't pick your nose!'"
but until now, when she got in front of a crowd she froze
we couldn't help but wonder how could this be the same child
was there something we were missing?
so imagine our relief when at her program this morning she sang her little heart out
she also waved at everyone she knew about five times
that is the girl we know!